Mike Bova
Very Funny Stand-up Comedian

Increase Your Business With A Brainstorming Session With Mike Bova The Ideas Guy

What the heck is a brainstorming session, right? Well, we’re glad you asked. A brainstorming session is a 2 hour power meeting with professional brainstormer, Mike Bova. Mike has been a small business owner and has also worked in the corporate world for over 20 years. He is considered The Ideas Guy among his peers. Mike knows how to think outside the box. He will give you ways to beat your competition! You give Mike information about your business; where you are now and where you want to be, and he will give you ideas on how to take you there…WE PROMISE!

The rate for a brainstorming session with Mike is only $250+ any travel expenses!

What would you rather do? Spend $250 on a very small ad in a daily newspaper, that may or may not work for you or, spend $250 on a brainstorming session that will get you unique, out-of-the box ideas for your business. Your business needs a niche, so set yourself apart from the competition. Don’t delay, contact Mike Bova at 315-404-8200 or mike@mikebova.com. This session could literally take your business to the next level!!!

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