Mike Bova
Very Funny Stand-up Comedian

Hire A Comedian

There are many times when you should hire a comedian. Corporations, small businesses and not-for-profits should hire a comedian for some comic relief. Employees get burnt out and sometimes mental health days or vacations just don’t get them out of their funk. Colleges should hire a comedian to bring some comic relief to their students. We say all this because corporations, small businesses, not-for-profits and colleges have hired Mike Bova to bring that much needed comic relief. Everyone who hired Mike, was glad they did.

Mike Bova is a two-time award-winning stand-up comedian…WOW, that’s a lot of hyphens. Mike has been a stand-up comedian and motivational speaker for five years. He’s not only a dynamic speaker, he’s extremely funny. If you need a comedian for your comedy club, your fundraiser or your corporate event, Mike Bova is the perfect choice. Mike kills it every time he is on stage and will kill it for you. To hire Mike, call 315-404-8200 or email mike@mikebova.com

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