Mike Bova
Very Funny Stand-up Comedian

Motivational Speaker San Diego CA California

If you are a not-for-profit or corporation in the San Diego CA California area, and you’re looking for a motivational speaker, keynote speaker, corporate comedian, clean comedian or even a professional host for your event, you need to hire Mike Bova. Mike’s messages are informational, motivational and very, very funny!

Mike’s rates are reasonable and he will knock it out of the park for you. He has a ton of professional references, experience in front of a lot of different audiences and he can speak on any topic you need.

For Mike’s rates and to book Mike for your fundraiser, corporate or not-for-profit event, contact The Roger Paul Agency., 1650 Broadway, Suite 304-A New York, N.Y. 10019 at (315) 404-8200 or bookings@rogerpaulinc.com

Thank you for your time!

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