Mike Bova
Very Funny Stand-up Comedian

Comedy Show Reviews

Here are just a few of the many reviews on Mike Bova’s comedy performances:

“We hired Mike Bova to speak at our 2014 annual convention because other press associations highly recommended him. Mike did a great job as he taught our members how to market their newspapers to their maximum potential. Mike also performed a very funny comedy set before our awards ceremony that had everyone continually laughing. Mike is a must have at press association events, and I highly recommend him to all the other press associations.” – Emily Bradbury, Kansas Press Association

“So, everyone who loves to laugh- PAY ATTENTION! !!! Recently my hubby and I went to the Herkimer VFW when they hosted a comedy night. In two words– wait for it…MIKE BOVA! Humor that relates, humor you don’t have to go find a college kid to explain- just freaking funny and a great comedian. If you have the opportunity to catch this man in performance, go for it-you won’t be disappointed.”Peg Czarnecki

“Mike was the highlight of “Fun-Fun Friday,” with the focus being on laughter for stress relief and increasing community morale. Mr. Bova was prompt and professional during the event planning stages and witty, motivational and “clean” in his performance! Those in attendance enjoyed this event and were happy they attended.” Stacey Genther, The College of SUNYIT

“Mike Bova, the opening act, should have been the headliner! He is a VERY funny guy, quick witted, and did a great job connecting to the crowd. Mike is an EXCELLENT stand-up comedian, and a stand-up guy. Several of my customers requested that he should return for another show. I hope he enjoyed my place and the crowd as much as we enjoyed him. Club 34 gives Mike Bova a five star rating!!!”Harry Zirbel, Owner of Club 34 – Scipio Center, NY

“Great job, Mike – very fun show!”Ria Curley

“Hilarious! Very funny. Mike has this ability to find humor in the most everyday things. He can make a joke about stuff that mere mortals like myself don’t even notice. As I watched the rest of the audience, I noticed that besides laughing, their eyes were lighting up as if to say: “Aha!!!” His kids being SEX NAZIS…Absolutely brilliant!!! And who doesn’t need more laughter? Wish the next Oneida show was sooner than September!”John Ready, Veteran Images

“Mike’s show was a lot of fun with plenty of laughs. Almost spit my drink a few times.”Heath Waterman, Waterman’s Martial Arts

“I enjoyed Mike’s set a lot! He had everyone laughing from start to finish. I’m looking forward to seeing him again soon!”Stephen Dodge, Canastota, NY

“Mike Bova is a must see act! Come out and see his show, you’ll be glad you did! I hope he comes back to Oneida for another show, we need more good entertainment here.”Linda Twomey-Anderson

“We had the pleasure of working with Mike in a recent fundraiser. He’s a very professional comedian and he also was very efficient and organized for our special event. I’d book him for another event in a heartbeat! His take on ‘everyday’ lifestyle humor kept the crowd laughing throughout his set.”Jerry Kraus, PR/Marketing/Development Director, Stevens-Swan Humane Society

“I have been to several of the shows Mike Bova has been in and /or produced. I hired a show because he is funny, but also conducts himself in a professional manor. He has been top notch with all the help I could ever ask for, for the success of the show. I have had several conversations with Mike, he his an asset to any comedy show.”Rosalyn Shew, Leonardville Fire Dept. Vice-President

Interested in booking Mike for your event or club? See info below:

Event Rates Vary Due to Location of Venue & Content Needed. Rates will fit most any budget.

To book Mike for your event, contact Mike Bova, 81 Clinton Rd., New Hartford, N.Y. 13413 at (315) 404-8200 or mike@mikebova.com


Here is a link to Mike’s comedy demo reel: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-6q5TKm4Vww


Here is a link to one of Mike’s motivational videos: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=anVH4key3N8

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