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Professional Marketing Analysis for Your Business for Just 250 Dollars

Business owners are good at what they do otherwise, they wouldn’t have started a business. What most business owners are not good at is marketing their business. So for just 250 dollars + travel expenses , you can get a professional marketing analysis from online (and offline) marketing guru Mike Bova. Mike will give you a top to bottom marketing analysis to see if your business is being marketed properly. Here is what you learn about your business:

1. How your website (and your competitors websites) rank among the websites of the world

2. Your (and your competitors) Google rankings for keywords that are related to your business.

3. If your website is optimized properly.

4. If you’re using facebook, twitter, linkedin, youtube and other social media sites to their maximum potential

5. If you can improve anything like color schemes, logo, slogan etc

6. How much traffic your website is receiving…unique visitors, number of visits, number of page views (analytics) etc

and much much more

Again, this offer is just $250. Want to increase your sales? Contact Mike Bova today at 315-404-8200 or mike@mikebova.com and schedule an appointment.