Mike Bova
Very Funny Stand-up Comedian

Employee Motivation

Employee motivation is not easy, especially if you try to do it in house. One of the best ways to motivate your employees is to hire a motivational speaker. A motivational speaker will give everyone a outside perspective, and will be better received by your staff.

If your company or not-for-profit is in need of a motivational speaker, you should consider hiring Mike Bova. Mike is not only a two-time award-winning comedian (2012, 2013 Upper State Independent Awards – Top Comedian), he is also a two-time award-winning motivational speaker (2015, 2016 Thumbtack.com).

Mike spent many years in executive positions for several corporations and knows how to motivate people. He’s also owned and operated several businesses including M3P Media LLC, where he was CEO & Publisher. He’s an expert author and has written many business articles, which you can check out at https://ezinearticles.com/expert/Mike_Bova/167816

To hire Mike, call 315-404-8200 or email mike@mikebova.com


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